Blink Midwinter 2012

Blink Midwinter 2014

This was our seventh consecutive year running, and forth year supporting Canine Assistants. Three houses were fully engulfed in the show.

Attendance continued to grow, thanks to mutual referrals from other nearby shows and more exposure in the media. The line stretched back to the four-way stop more often than last year. Starting on Christmas night we tried something new and arranged the traffic cones in a circle in the cul-de-sac to test the idea of making it a continuous drive through on busy nights rather the “drive-in” style we had been using. That worked well, and gave Mr & Mrs Blink some much needed rest.

The nights were a little less bright with Christmas in Cumming off-line in 2014, but we did get away a couple of times to visit the excellent shows at Christmas in the Grove (trust us, it’s so worth the drive to Decatur), Mint Julep Christmas, and Christmas in Castille.

Here’s the numbers for the 2014 season:

  • $5250 raised for Canine Assistants (including company matches.) Thank you, BMW guests!
  • 3 houses involved in the show with around 35,000 lights (I haven’t been so OCD about counting them lately,) on 180 channels.
  • 10 Canine Assistants and their foster parents greeted visitors on 4 Saturdays and Christmas Eve (that was a nice surprise.)
  • 1400 candy canes given out.
  • 4 gallons of hot spiced apple cider to warm the Canine fosters and staff.
  • 35 show nights, several in the rain, but only shut down for half of one night because of a thunderstorm.

The playlist:

  • Christmas This Year – TobyMac
  • Takin’ Care of Christmas – Randy Bachman
  • Siberian Sleigh Ride – TSO
  • Music Box Dancer – DJ Schwede
  • Jingle Bells – DMHO
  • Born is the King – Hillsong

[You know how you take fewer pictures of the kids as they get older? Yeah, same principle here. We don’t have a photo of the entire display this year, but it was pretty close to the photo above, from 2012.]