Links & Resources

A sheltie holding a string of Christmas lights that are wrapped around him.Display Directory

If you want to visit other Christmas lights displays in your area, here’s a couple of websites that list displays by zip codes.

Christmas Light Finder
Tacky Light Tour
Map Muse

This looks like fun! Where do I begin?

Want to know more about animated Christmas light displays? Think this is a hobby that might interest you? Some great places to get started are the forums dedicated to and frequented by Christmas lights enthusiasts with all levels of experience.

Here’s just a few of the many forums where you can start: Planet Christmas and Constantly Christmas

The larger vendors of light control hardware and software also have active user forums. Here’s three of them: Light-O-Rama, D-Light and Animated Lighting. Their main websites are here, here and here. Blink Midwinter uses Light-O-Rama.

If you’re adventurous, mechanically and electrically inclined, do-it-yourself may be right for you. Here’s some places to get started: Do It Yourself Christmas and Computer Christmas.

No matter which route you take, the best advice I can offer is start planning for the next season early, say, December 26th at the latest. Also, hit the after Christmas sales for lights, join a couple of forums where you can learn from other “addicts”, go at the pace you’re comfortable with, and most of all have fun!

Vendors We Recommend and Odds-n-Ends
Fruitcake Recycling
Sound advice on how to safely deal with that timeless icon of Christmas, fruitcake.
The Demented Elf
The official voice of Blink Midwinter. Love his work, very reasonable, and he does most any other type of voice-talent work you may need.
Vital Signs
The local graphics shop that makes our full color coro yard signs. Great work, great prices.