The Early YearsWhy do we do this? Lots of reasons, not the least of which is since our earliest memories, Christmas has always been our favorite time of year. Even with a century of Christmas’s between us, it’s still a magical time if we make the effort to occasionally turn our backs on the cares of adult life.

Part of those memories included mom and dad packing the family up in the station wagon and hunting for Christmas displays. We’d look for everything from simple displays of candles in windows to elaborate displays like Fritz Mueller’s in Sea Girt, NJ, with a whole block’s worth of moving Christmas scenes.

The true meaning of Christmas, God with us, Jesus, is the main reason we do this. Every part of the show may not ‘go tell it on the mountain’, but it’s our prayer that a word here, a verse there will draw you closer to the only source of true peace and hope for a hurting world.

For me, this hobby is the perfect fusion of many lifelong interests, from the romance of the Christmas season itself, to blinking lights, music, electronics and computers. The photo is my first homemade display about 40 years ago: there was a string of multicolor lights behind the letters, reflected off crumpled aluminum foil. (thanks, Sis, for sending that photo!)

Today’s display is a bit more involved, but the intent and drive is the same. It’s a pleasure to create something that makes others smile and adds even just a little more joy to their Christmas.

We hope our humble display blesses you, and that you’re able to keep the reason for the Christmas season in your heart throughout the year.